H-shackle Stainless Steel w/ Bolts


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These shackles take the place of S-hooks and need the wrench, H175, to open and close. This head makes removal, because of vandalism, more difficult. These are used when a wide opening is needed. The overall length is 3 9/16”. The bolts are 3/8” in diameter. The inside of the smaller opening is ½” across and the larger opening is 1 1/16”. Unlike S-hooks they can be used multiple times. They are also much easier to install then S-hooks and much stronger. Some cities and parks are requiring their use instead of S-hooks. Use with our swing hangers, Tire Swing and chain except the C128 – C129 chains.  The shackle is 212 HBS and the bolt is 176 HBS.  The hardness of the bolt in the H172 is: long needle hardness HRC29 / short needle hardness HRC31.  This product should last 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions. Some conditions may require replacement sooner. Tensile strength 9491 lbs.

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