• Fry & Associates, Inc. (“Fry”) hereby offers to sell the products and services described in this Quotation (the “Goods”), but only on the terms and conditions described herein. If Buyer submits to Fry a purchase order or other documentation with terms and conditions different from or additional to the terms and conditions described in this Quotation, Fry hereby objects to those terms and does not assent to them. No such term shall be considered to be a part of any contract between the parties. The terms of Fry’s Quotation, except for these Conditions of Sale, are not binding, do not constitute an offer and are subject to change without notice.

  • The quoted purchase price may be increased to the extent that Fry’s cost of the Goods may be increased as a result of (1) any agreements, codes, or legislative enactments made or enacted pursuant to federal, state or municipal legislation; and (2) increase in the cost of labor or raw materials. In addition to paying the quoted purchase price, Buyer is solely liable for any excises, levies or taxes which Fry may be required to pay or collect, under any existing or future law, upon or with respect to the sale, purchase, delivery, storage, processing, use, consumption or transportation of any of the Goods, and Buyer agrees to pay the amount thereof on the same terms as it shall pay the quoted purchase price.

  • All pricing is good for 30 days from quote date unless otherwise indicated..

  • Cancellation of this order or part of this order will incur a restocking charge and forfeiture of any deposits made.  Buyer will be responsible for any freight charges incurred.  Acceptance of any returns are at the discretion of the manufacturer.  No goods shall be returned for credit without first obtaining written consent from Fry. 

  • Any changes to this order must be agreed to in writing and signed by both parties before they become valid.

  • Claims by Buyer for shortages, damages  or errors in delivery must be made within five (5) days after the delivery of the goods. Goods are sold subject to the standard manufacturing practices of Fry’s suppliers. Goods purchased on the basis of weight are subject to customary quantity variations recognized by practice in the industry.

  • Buyer shall assume all risk of loss or damage upon delivery by Fry to the carrier at the point of shipment. Scheduled dates of delivery are determined from the date of Fry’s acceptance of any order or orders placed by Buyer and are estimates of approximate dates of delivery, not a guaranty of a particular date of delivery. Fry shall not be liable for any damages caused by failure or delay in shipping the Goods if such failure or delay is beyond the reasonable control of Fry.

  • This quotation may be accepted to form a binding contract upon any one of the following options:

  1. Completion of an order transaction on this website.

  2. Issuance of a purchase order to Fry referencing this quote and the terms and conditions herein prior to the expiration date above.

  •  Any payment terms are with approved credit.   Any payment not made within terms is subject to a late payment charge of 1.5% per month (compounded) on the unpaid balance.

  • All manufacturer’s warranties are honored solely under the terms set forth by the manufacturer and are not the responsibility of Fry.

  •  All information presented in this quote is the responsibility of the Buyer to verify for accuracy and completeness.

  • Any agreement arising out of this transaction shall be deemed to have been made in Clay County, Missouri. The parties agree that the validity, interpretation and performance of any agreement arising out of this transaction shall be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri.

  •  If Buyer requests deferral of deliveries, Fry’s agreement to defer delivery shall not excuse Buyer from its obligation to pay for the goods at the same times and in the same quantities as the original delivery schedule, including interest due pursuant to these terms and conditions. In addition to adhering to the original payment schedule, Buyer shall pay such storage charges as Fry may assess for storing the goods awaiting delivery. If Buyer requests deferral prior to commencement of production, Fry may require a change in pricing based on required delivery date.

  • Fry will do its best to inform the buyer of anticipated lead times on products and services.  Fry is not responsible for any changes in lead times from manufacturers and will not accept responsibility for damages due to project delays.

  • In addition to the foregoing, Buyer agrees to save and hold Fry & Associates, Inc.  harmless from any claims, demands, liabilities, costs, expenses or judgments arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, out of the negligence or lack of care by Buyer or Buyer’s customers, agents, employees or invitees involving the use of the goods supplied by Fry & Associates, Inc.  This indemnification shall include all costs, attorney’s fees and other expenses paid or incurred by or imposed upon Fry & Associates, Inc.  in connection with the defense of any such claim.

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Looking for help?

Just write down some details and we will get back to you in a jiffy

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